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for journalists and the media at the "M-Tel Masters" 2009
1. Accreditation Rules
1.1. Accreditation of journalists and the media at the "M-Tel Masters" International Super Chess Tournament in Sofia will take place at the Press Center of the Tournament with the aim of maintaining a good working relationship with the media and for creating the necessary conditions for doing professional work on the part of the journalists and the media, and for the complete and authentic coverage of the Tournament.
2. Right of Accreditation
2.1. Editorial offices have the right to accredit journalists to present the media at the Tournament.
3. Order of Accreditation
3.1. The media's Editorial Office is entitled to accredit not more than three journalists to the event. The Press Center of the Tournament reserves the right to evaluate the opportunities for additional accreditations for separate events during the Tournament.
3.2. In order to get an accreditation, it is necessary to submit an application to the Tournament's Management, which has to include the following data:

- Name of the means of mass information (MMI)
- Type of MMI
- Name, Middle Name and Family Name of journalist and position
- Subject matter of MMI
- Address of Editorial Board
- Telephone
- Fax
- E-Mail address
3.3. Accreditation of journalists and of MMI representatives will take place at the Press Center from May 11th, 2009 through May 23rd, 2009. Sending the Applications for Accreditation to the Management of the Tournament has to be done from April 25th, 2009 till May 23rd, 2009 at the following e-mail address:
3.4. Accreditation Certificates (Badges) will be received individually by every accredited journalist.
4. Primary rules for working with accredited journalists
4.1 The Press Center will provide the necessary professional working conditions to accredited journalists such as:

- Information on current events
- Opportunity to participate in all press conferences
- Help in organizing meetings with the participants and organizers of the Tournament
- Additional information materials
- Daily press announcements
- Telephone, Fax and Internet access
- Opportunity to work on a PC
5. Obligations of Accredited Journalists
5.1. Accredited journalists are obliged to:
- Not to interfere in the course of events they attend unless they are organized for the press
- To adhere to the procedures set for events in the course of holding the Tournament
- To carry the accreditation badge on them at all times.
6. Activities of the Tournament's Press Center
6.1. The Press Center will be opened on May 11th, 2008 at the following address: 1000 Sofia, 5 Diakon Ignatii, National Theatre Ivan Vazov
6.2. Opening hours of the Press Center: 10:00 a.m. – 22:00 p.m.
7. Contact person:
Dimitar Naydenov - tel:+359 887 462873, fax:+359 2 9816160
E-mail :

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