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Alexei Shirov won M-Tel Masters 2009
Incredible turnaround in Play like Topalov
The young talent Alexander Monev won in the last round with a single point lead and final score of 200 correctly guessed moves
The final Grand Slam tournament to be presented today
The President Georgi Parvanov will award the winner of M-Tel Masters 2009
Berbatov and Topalov in sensational blitz match before the final of M-Tel Masters
The President of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is special guest of M-Tel Masters today
Estonian and two Bulgarians in competitive battle in Play like Topalov
The President of FIDE comes at M-Tel Masters for a meeting with the board of the Grand Slam
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov will make the first move in the game Dominguez – Topalov from the 8th round of the competition
Unique bronze sculpture for the winner of M-Tel Masters 2009
Football drama – Chess United won on penalties against PFC Levski
Berbatov scores again against Levski, Carlsen and Dominguez score 2 goals each, the Cuba player chosen for best player of the match
Kiprian Berbatov won the chain M-Tel Masters Junior
Yovov wants Topalov rematch
The Chair of State Agency for Youth and Sport will award the winer of M-Tel Masters Junior
M-Tel Masters Junior will finish in Sofia during M-Tel Masters
The mayor of Sofia made the first move of M-Tel Masters 2009
Topālov won the demo blindfold game
Topalov will play blindfold before the start of M-Tel Masters 2009
The mayor of Sofia will make the first move of M-Tel Masters 2009
Chanel super model will draw the lost for M-Tel Masters
The chair of the Estonian Chess Federation is a special guest of the tournament
Zlatovrah wine cellar to launch special wine for M-Tel Masters 2009
Kostadinov's Challenge
World Champion to comment M-Tel Masters
BNT took the TV rights of M-Tel Masters
The bookmakers: Topalov is favourite to win M-Tel Masters
Accomodation for the journalists
Over 1 million will watch M-Tel Masters on the web
Carlsen, Dominguez, Ivanchuk, Shirov, Topalov, Yue Wang in 5th M-Tel Masters

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