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Kostadinov's Challenge

   #2                     (7+10)

#2                    (13+7)

Diyan Kostadinov is a well-known Bulgarian chess problem composer. He was born on 21.01.1982 in Burgas (Bulgaria) and is titled national Master of sport for chess composition. He has been playing chess since 1997 and was a Student vice-champion of his sity. Diyan bagan composing in 2000 and composed more than 200 problems of all genres - Twomovers, Threemovers, Moremovers, Selfmates, Helpmates, Studies, Proof Games and Fairies and won a large number of Prizes in the most prestigious chess composing tournaments in all over the world. He is winner of the super-tournaments organized by Strate Gems (USA), Probleemblad (Holland), Orbit (Macedonia), Harmonie (Germany), Pat a Mat (Slovenia), Best Problems (Italy) etc.

Chess lovers from all over the world can mail the solution direct to the author’s e-mail  till to 22.05.2009. In both problems white moves and mates in two moves. Just mail the keys: white's first move for a mate in two, together with your name and country. The prizes, photos with the autograph of Topalov, will be awarded to 5 solvers drawing of lots on 23.05.2009.

This was the first “M-tel masters” chess solving challenge. There were 82 participants from Bulgaria, Sweden, USA, Russia, The Netherlands, Peru, Ireland, India, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Canada, China, Brazil, Spain, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Chech Republic, Serbia and Norway. 77 of them sent a correct solution of the problems and were included to the lot. Here are the solutions:

M 1.Qf3? (2.Q:h5#), 1…Sf6 2.Qf4#, but 1…Be2!

1.Qg3! (2.Qg5#), 1…S:g3 2.Bg7#, 1…R:g6 2.Qg6#
TEL 1.B:e5? (2.Rd4#), 1…Sc2+ 2.B:c2#, but 1…B:e3!, 1.Sa6? (zz), but 1…e4!

1.Se6! (zz), 1…B~ 2.Sf2#, 1…B:e3 2.d:e3#, 1…e4 2.Sf4#, 1…e:d4 2.R:d4#,

1…Sb~ 2.Sc5#, 1…Se~ 2.Bc2#

The winners of our special prizes are: Plamen Mladenov (Bulgaria), Angel Contreras (Spain), J.C. de Visser (The Netherlands), Lachezar Stanchev (Bulgaria) and William Traves (USA). Congratulations to the winners and thank to all participants!

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