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In the footsteps of online dating such as Tinder and bumble bees, OkCupid announced that it requires users to use their real names. A decision that caused uproar and a lot of users, and especially women and TRANSGENDER+community. The statement titled, "open letter, why you remove your name in the" addresses of the worst things you've ever seen. "It is time, to keep with the times, because we said that our aim screen name, as our last parting. We want Big Daddy flash 916 to go, who you are, and not hidden under another layer of mystery. Even if this secret, which is important to you and your long life, the unicorn__face." We get it: it is a little less...00? Or effort, to make it look less horrible—according to gay dating OkCupid data cited in the post, over 16,000 users have the word"horny"in its name.





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